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Three Stages of Wear of Hydraulic Gear Motor
Views: 613 Update Date: Dec 25 , 2018

The wear of hydraulic gear motor can be divided into three stages: initial wear, normal wear and abnormal wear.

1. Initial wear stage

In the manufacturing process, the metal surface of the part has certain micro-roughness, and there will be shape error in the shaft hole.

In the early stage of hydraulic motor operation, the parts move at relatively high speed, and slight wear will occur between the friction pairs. At this time, the parts are in the initial wear stage.

2. Normal wear stage

After a period of running-in, new and higher precision roughness is generated between the friction pairs, and the wear speed of the machine is slowed down in the initial stage, and it enters a relatively long stable service stage.

3. Abnormal wear stage

Metal material reaches the rated life of fatigue cycle. Fatigue layer will be formed on metal surface. Fatigue layer will lead to particulate shedding of metal surface at high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, wear accelerates sharply, and finally parts will fail.

The duration of the three stages of the hydraulic motor mainly depends on the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil used. In addition, another decisive factor affecting the life of hydraulic motors is the life of motor bearings.

1. When the motor load rotates, there will be many peeled metal particles accumulated in the working chamber because they can not be discharged from the outside of the shell. The deposited metal particles mixed with the hydraulic oil drift in the shell with the rotation of the motor spindle and cylinder block, which will cause worsening wear of the motor bearing.

2. When bearing wears to a certain extent, the clearance increases and the rotary accuracy decreases. When the relative motion accuracy of cylinder block and valve plate cannot be guaranteed, the static pressure balance between the friction pairs of the motor will be destroyed, which will accelerate the wear.

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