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The use of gear pump and the detection of motor overheating
Views: 622 Update Date: Feb 21 , 2017

The gear pump is mainly used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, mines, power plants and other industries of oil medium transfer, turbocharged, fuel injection and mechanical equipment in the thin oil circulation, in all kinds of mechanical equipment can be used in lubricating pump.

Overheating of the motor is the gear pump in the process of the problems often occur, the specific analysis of the test are as follows:

1. The proportion of the media than the gear pump configuration motor? Too tight or mechanical motor;

2. Packing gland pressure sealing spring adjustable gear pump with the river right? Spring to re adjust the amount of compression of the gland or mechanical seal;

3. Pump assembly, poor quality, friction or motor and pump shaft? Check assembly quality and eliminate assembly failure;

4. The use of the scope (flow, lift) than the gear pump design requirements? According to the series spectrum selection of the appropriate motor can be aimed at the above conditions, one by one to do the analysis, to find out the real cause of the motor overheating, in accordance with the corresponding fault, maintenance.

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