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The specific composition and use of gear pump
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Gear pump is divided into external gear pump and internal gear pump.

The two gears of the internal gear pump are different in shape and the number of teeth is different. One of them is a ring gear, floating in the pump body, the middle one is the driving gear, and pump into eccentric position. The number of ring gears is one more than that of the driving gear. The driving gear drives the ring gears to rotate together, and the liquid is transferred by changing the space between the two teeth. Another internal hydraulic gear pump is a ring gear.

More than two-tooth gear, in between the two gears with a fixed crescent-shaped partition, the suction row of space was clearly separated. In the discharge pressure and flow the same circumstances, the internal gear pump external gear pump size smaller.

gear pump

Gear pumps are used to transport viscous liquids, such as lubricating oil and combustion oil. They are not suitable for conveying liquids with low viscosity (such as water and gasoline), and are not suitable for conveying liquids containing impurity particles (affecting pump service life). Lubrication systems Oil pumps and hydraulic systems are widely used in engines, turbines, centrifugal compressors, machine tools and other equipment. Gear pump process requirements are high, difficult to obtain accurate matching.

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