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The reasons of gear pump vibration and noise
Views: 3199 Update Date: Apr 08 , 2017

In the hydraulic system, the vibration and the noise often take the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic cylinder, the pressure valve as the direction, the direction valve is second, and the flow valve is the second. Sometimes manifested in the pump, valve and pipe between the resonance.

1. Motor vibration, bearing wear caused by vibration.

2. The installation is not concentric pump and motor coupling (requirements for rigid connection while axiality less than or equal to 0.05mm, when the coaxial flexible connection is less than or equal to 0.15mm).

3. The influence of external vibration source of hydraulic equipment, including the vibration of load (such as the periodic change of cutting force).

4. Fuel tank strength stiffness is not good, for example, the tank top cover is often installed "motor - hydraulic pump" the bottom of the device, its thickness is too thin, rigid, vibration.

5. Resonance between components installed on hydraulic equipment. Two or more than two valves (such as relief valve and relief valve, relief valve and sequence valve, etc.) gear pump spring resonance. Resonance of valve spring and piping. For example, the resonance between the spring of the relief valve and the remote control of the pilot (long) road, the resonance of the Bourdon tube and other oil pipes in the pressure gauge. Valve spring and air resonance. Such as the relief valve spring and the valve remote control (the main valve spring cavity) in the detention of air resonance, one-way valve and the valve in the air resonance.

6. The vibration of the piston in the cylinder. The vibration and noise generated by the double pump supply circuit in the two pump outlet.

7. Valve reversal caused by the rapid changes in pressure and the resulting hydraulic impact, such as the impact of the pipeline noise and vibration.

8. Hydraulic control one-way valve outlet pressure, often produce hammering sound.

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