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The importance of gear pump maintenance
Views: 1700 Update Date: Apr 27 , 2017

The so-called regular means every three months, every half a year routine maintenance work, this work is based on professional maintenance personnel, production workers to participate in a planned preventive inspection. The same as routine inspection, is to make the equipment maintenance work more reliable, longer life, gear pump and early detection of signs and trends in the work of a fault.

Check means in addition to human senses, but also with a certain inspection tools and instruments, and recording equipment, found abnormal damage, abrasion and leakage etc., in order to determine the repair site, should replace the parts, the type and time of repair, repair plan accordingly. Regular maintenance checks are often combined with cleaning. Regular maintenance checks do a good job, can make routine inspection easier.

A comprehensive inspection every year or several years. The content and scope of the examination to a wide range, as far as possible to make a thorough and comprehensive examination. Comprehensive inspection of all hydraulic components are broken, according to the disintegration of the situation and problems found, repair or replacement.

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