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The function of hydraulic control valve
Views: 264 Update Date: May 04 , 2018

The function of hydraulic control valve in the hydraulic system is to control the flow, pressure, and flow of the oil in the hydraulic system, so that the actuator and its driven working mechanism can obtain the required direction of movement, torque and speed. Any hydraulic system, no matter how simple, can not be lack of hydraulic valve; the same technological purpose of the hydraulic machinery equipment, through the use of different combinations of hydraulic valves, can be composed of a variety of hydraulic system structure of the hydraulic system. 

Therefore, the hydraulic valve is the most variety and the most widely used and the most active part in the hydraulic technology; a newly designed or running hydraulic system can run normally and reliably according to the established requirements, depending to a large extent on The advantages and disadvantages of various hydraulic valves used and the matching of parameters are reasonable.

Hydraulic control valveHydraulic control valve

There are three main types of hydraulic control valves: pressure control valve, flow control valve and direction control valve. Terre Kosen manufactures and supplies directional control valves. The directional control valve is divided into a one-way valve and a directional valve depending on the purpose. 

One-way valve: 

only allow fluid in one-way connection in the pipeline, the reverse is cut off. 

Directional valve: 

change the on and off relationship between different pipelines, according to the number of working positions of the valve core in the valve body, two or three digits; according to the number of controlled channels, it is divided into two links, three links and four links. Five-pass, etc.; such as two-position two-pass, three-position three-way, three-position five-pass, etc., according to the spool drive mode manual, maneuvering, electromagnetic, hydraulic and so on.

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