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The basic structure and principle of gear pump
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Gear pump is a positive displacement pump, which is the use of rotary components in the pump housing in the rotation, resulting in changes in the volume of work space, so as to achieve the purpose of suction and drainage of liquid.

The basic structure and principle of gear pump

Gear pump basic structure:

The gear pump is divided into two types according to the mode of engagement: the meshing type gear pump and the internal meshing type gear pump. The external gear pump, for example, the basic structure of the pump shown in Figure 1.

The pump casing 3 is provided with a stack of gears which are identical and in mesh with each other. Which is driven by the prime mover gear 1 is called the driving gear, it is connected with the chain between the drive shaft; driven by the active driving gear gear 2 is called the driven gear, it is connected with the main shaft or with the key or slip Set in the driven shaft. The master axis and the slave axis are parallel to each other. The main and driven gears are respectively surrounded by the front and rear end caps of the pump casing and the pump to form a sealed space. The suction chamber communicating with the suction port 4 and the discharge chamber communicating with the discharge port 5 are isolated by the meshed teeth A, B, C. Gear pump structure.

Gear pump works:

When the driving gear in the direction shown clockwise rotation, the left due to tooth C gradually out of engagement, which occupy the interdental volume gradually increased, the pressure is relatively lower, so the liquid in the suction surface pressure on the surface, the The suction pipe and the suction port 4 flow into the teeth.

With the rotation of gears, one of the liquid-filled teeth turn through the suction chamber, along the inner wall of the pump shell to the right of the discharge chamber to achieve the liquid delivery, when the right gear gradually into the meshing, filled with liquid That is, the gear is continuously extruded and discharged continuously from the discharge port.

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