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Terrekosen specializes in quality hydraulic gear pumps
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Hydraulic gear pumps are powerful machines that are capable of converting mechanical energy into hydraulic fluid power. The idea behind this is very simple: the pump applies force at one position and then it is transmitted to another position with the use of a fluid like oil etc.

Structurally speaking, a hydraulic gear pump is composed of three main parts including a reservoir, a hydraulic cylinder and a pump. When pumping hydraulic fluid from the reservoir into the bottom cavity causing the rod to be pushed up, which pushes the fluid back to the reservoir. This entire process put a pressure into the chamber and extends the piston to its extended length.

High Pressure Gear Pump

Being the most regarded China hydraulic gear pump manufacturer and supplier, Terrekosen Hydraulic specializes in the line of quality hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic gear motors. We offer options such as hydraulic control valve, cast iron gear pump, dump pump, gear pump spare parts. We have a wide range of hydraulic gear pumps and motors available as single or multiple units. 

A Wide Range Of Industries Covered: 
• Construction 
• Turf care
• Refuse/dump truck 
• Agriculture • Industrial 
• Forestry 
• Material handling

Many pumps and motors have been developed and tested for the specific needs of these industries worldwide.The ability to engineer specialty products for unique applications has kept us at the forefront of technology, the staffs of our company will always ensure the position we have as the industry leader.

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