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Requirements of hydraulic gear pump use and installation
Views: 640 Update Date: Feb 10 , 2017

1. The installation of hydraulic gear pump, the base or stand clear enough stiffness, the hydraulic gear pump shaft rotation in addition to the resulting twisting force, in principle, should no longer bear the role of other forces; Axis degree of not more than 0.05 mm; hydraulic gear pump should be rotating in the direction of calibration operation, pay attention to the location of the inlet and outlet, the big hole for the inlet.

2. The hydraulic system must be set safety valve, the same with the device, the fuel tank must be dust, to prevent sediment and other debris into the oil and regular cleaning, suction pipe as short as possible, generally not more than 500 mm, should try to. Less use of elbow, oil pipeline shall not leak phenomenon.

3. The provisions of working oil: the use of HC-8 # diesel oil in winter, summer HC-11 # diesel engine oil, the working temperature of -10 degrees to 70 degrees.

Installation requirements:

1. The pump shaft is not allowed to withstand the radial force and axial force (such as: the length of the spline sleeve installation can not exceed the pump drive shaft spline effective length, power shaft and coupling sleeve shaft can not stretch with the gear pump Key ending and axial steps have any axial offset exists). Special conditions such as the existence of radial and axial force conditions, please contact the company special orders.

2. The pump shaft and the prime mover output shaft coaxiality shall not be greater than 0.05 mm, and the pump bearing mounting plane and the mouth of the verticality shall not be greater than 0.05 mm. Coupling sleeve at both ends of the connection should also ensure that 0.05 Mm.

3. The pump suction height of not more than 0.5 m, and the inlet diameter of the pipeline should ensure that the flow rate≤2 m / s, that is, into the oil pipeline diameter d≥3.25 (mm), where Q is the pump inlet flow Q (l) = q.n.

4.The pump inlet pipe and flange should not leak.

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