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Repair of Gear Pumps
Views: 1615 Update Date: Aug 05 , 2017

Gear pump repair knowledge with the use of time to improve, gear pump will show a lack of oil, or even no oil and other problems, the first reason is that the relevant parts of the wear and tear is too large. Gear pump wear parts are mainly automatic shaft and bushing, passive gear center hole and shaft pin, pump shell cavity and gear, gear face and pump cover and so on. Smooth oil pump wear after the primary skills target can not meet the requirements, it should be split apart, to identify the wear and tear parts and level, to accept the response method to be repaired.

First, the automatic shaft and bush wear after repair gear pump automatic shaft and bushing wear, the common gap increases, will affect the pump oil. Can be used to repair the automatic shaft or bushing to restore its normal common gap. If the automatic shaft wear subtle, just press the old liner after the specifications of the size of the bushing, the common gap can be restored to the limit. If the automatic shaft and the bushing wears grim and the common clearance is severe, not only the bushing is changed, but the automatic shaft also uses chrome or vibrating surfacing to increase its diameter and then grind to the gauge size, The common requirements.

Second, the smooth oil pump shell repair shell crack repair: shell cracks can be cast 508 nickel-copper electrode welding. Welds must be tight and the pores, and the connection surface with the pump cover plane error of not more than 0.05 mm. Automatic Shaft Sleeve Hole and Slave Shaft Wear Remedies: After the automatic bushing hole is worn, the reaming method can be used to eliminate the wear and tear, and then fitted to the size of the bushing. The wear of the driven shaft hole is also used to eliminate the wear and tear marks, and then press the rear hole after the practice of the size of the preparation of the shaft pump shell cavity repair: pump shell cavity wear, the general acceptance of the cavity set of repair, Stand-alone dust collector will be enameled in the cavity after the cast iron or steel bushing. After the inserts, the inner cavity is applied to the required size and the liner on the end face is worn away so that it is flush with the pump housing. Seat repair: pressure limiting valve with two kinds of ball valve and plunger valve. After the spherical seat is worn, a ball can be placed on the valve seat, and then use the metal bar quietly tapping the ball until the ball valve and valve seat close so far. Such as severe seat wear, you can first remove the wear and tear marks, and then use the law to make it close. Plunger valve seat wear, can be put into a little valve sand grinding, until close so far.

Third, the pump cover repair the plane of the repair: If the pump cover task plane wear less, can be used to eliminate the wear and tear grinding method, that is, in the platform or thick glass plate put a little valve sand, and then the pump cover on the above grinding , Until the wear and tear to eliminate, the task looks flat so far. When the pump cover task plane wear depth of more than 0.1 mm, should be accepted after the first grinding method of grinding repair. The repair of the automatic shaft bushing hole of the baggear: the repair of the automatic bushing hole on the pump cover is the same as the repair of the shell's automatic bushing hole. Fourth, the gear flip The use of gear pump gear wear is mainly in the tooth thickness parts, and gear face and tooth top wear are relatively light. Gear in the tooth thickness parts are unilateral wear, so the gear can be turned 180 degrees. When the gear face wear, the face can be polished, but also grinding smooth oil pump housing connection surface to cover the gear face and pump cover gap in the specification limits.

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