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Quotes of rotary gear pump spare parts and piston pump
Views: 348 Update Date: Apr 07 , 2020
In March 2020, we got some some quotes of rotary gear pump spare parts and piston pump from clients. Below is the details:

1. Do you have pumps for Komatsu trucks and bulldozers? Please reply, thanks. 

2. Hello Please quote for me below items for JCB PUMPS 332/F9030 20/912800 + weight and stock status. Have a good day

3. Hello I am interested in buying Rotary Gear pump spare parts - shaft & gear set 15 tooth - shaft bushing - gear housing and gaskets and buna/ backup seal numbers what i found on the pump PGP330 PGM330 324-9120-108 D140801 N0704-03057. Can you help me with the parts selection? Maybe I must send some dimensions of the pump? Thank you in advance for your help

4. I am looking for Torque Control Variable Displacement Piston Pump. Flow rate: 16 or 18 cc/rev. Max pressure: 160 Bar. Quote me if you can.
displacement piston pump
Terre Kosen is a professional hydraulic gear pump supplier and manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic gear pumps in Zhejiang. Engaged in this line of business since 1998, Terre Kosen has established a reliable reputation in providing hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and related components for international markets. Your are welcome to contact us: sale@terrekosen.com

Our main products are including:
1. Roller bearing series P15, P20, P25, P30, P31, P37, P50, P51, P75, P76.
2 .Bushing bearing series P315, P330, P350, P365.
3. Manual and pneumatic operation pump C101/102, G101/102.
4. Two stage regulator dump pump series. 

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