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Quotes of Hydraulic Control Valve from clients
Views: 535 Update Date: Sep 12 , 2019
In May 2019, we got some some quotes of hydraulic control valve and gear pump spare parts from clients. Below is the details:

1. Product: Hydraulic Control Valve DVG35 Series DVG35-MA8
Quote: Dear Sir / Mdam, Please note that we required that type of valves in bulk qty on regular basis, we are Importer and Sell to OEM Customer and Replacement Market, We request you to please quote your best possible prices and other terms

Hydraulic Control Valve

2. Product: P365 pump spare parts 322-8120-100 gear housing
Quote: Do you have a drawing that has dimensions for the 322-8125-100 Gear housing

Price: $20~$30

gear housing

3. Product: 391-2883-115 Hydraulic Gear Pump Lip Seal
Quote: send us a quote on 6 seales

Price: $4~$5

Hydraulic Gear Pump Lip Seal

Terre Kosen is a professional hydraulic control valve manufacturer and designer of high-quality hydraulic gear pumps in Zhejiang. Engaged in this line of business since 1998, Terre Kosen has established a reliable reputation in providing hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and related components for international markets. Your are welcome to contact us: sale@terrekosen.com

Our main products are including:
1. Roller bearing series P15, P20, P25, P30, P31, P37, P50, P51, P75, P76.
2 .Bushing bearing series P315, P330, P350, P365.
3. Manual and pneumatic operation pump C101/102, G101/102.
4. Two stage regulator dump pump series. 

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