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Problems of gear pump that is used for a long time
Views: 817 Update Date: Jan 14 , 2017

After a long period of time used gear pump will be insufficient pressure oil, or even the case of no oil.

The main reason is related parts wear too much. Gear pump wear parts are the main shaft and bushings, passive gear center hole and shaft pin, pump shell cavity and gear, gear end and pump cover and so on.

Lubricant pump wear and tear of its main technical indicators can not meet the requirements, it should be demolished decomposition, identify the location and extent of wear and take appropriate measures to be repaired.

Drive shaft bushing hole and driven shaft hole wear and tear repair: the driving shaft bushing hole wear, reaming method can be used to eliminate wear traces, and then with the corresponding size to increase with the bushing. Driven axle hole wear is also reamed to eliminate wear marks, and then reaming the actual size of the hole after the preparation of slave axis.

gear pump

Hydraulic gear pump shaft and bushing wear increases the gap and it will affect the pump oilIn this case, can be used to repair the spindle or bushing method to restore its normal with the gap. If the drive shaft wears lightly, simply replace the old bush and replace it with the standard size bushing, and allow the clearance to return to the allowable range.

Pump housing cavity repair: pump shell cavity wear, the general use of internal cavity set method of repair, is about to lined with large cast iron or steel bushing lining. After inserts, the inner cavity is lined to the desired size and the bushing protruding from the end face is flushed away so that it is flush with the pump housing face.

Gear pump structure is simple, affordable. Very popular with the market, the use should pay attention to maintenance, in order to extend the service life.

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