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Permco gear pump
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Permco was founded in 1964 to design and manufacture replacement parts for the mining industry. Renamed Permco 4 years later, the family-owned business developed a wide array of replacement hydraulic parts and eventually expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include cast iron parts and the resulting complete units. Today, they maintain their focus on customer service and continue a decades-long tradition of developing fluid power systems that meet each of their customers specific needs. Permcos product offering now includes gear and vane pumps/motors, flow dividers, intensifiers and a variety of accessories and components.

Permco offers the highest quality gear pump possible to their wide customer base of OEMs and distributors. Because they understand that their success depends on the success of their customers.

Dump & refuse pumps: GEMINI DG-20/RG-20, DMD-25/DM-640-25 seriesDMD-20/DM-512-20 seriesDMR-400/DMD-400 seriesDMR-300/DMD-300 series.

Bushings:124 series, 197 series, 257 series, 360 series.

Bearings: 2100 series, 3000/3100 series, 5000/5100 series, 7500/7600 series.

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