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Parker Cast Iron Gear Pump

Cast Iron Gear Pump: Rugged, Dependable Performance Under High Pressure

Cast iron gear pumps come with a gamut of added features and benefits that are sure to enhance the performance and density of the work. These pumps are known for giving a great power density in a small package; while they are also known for their rugged, dependable performance under high pressure. Not to mention the broad range of shaft drives, integrated valves and side or rear port options that give great flexibility in working performance. There is a lot more associated with these pumps.

Features and Benefits 

Cast Iron Gear Pumps are available in a variety of models that you can choose according to your needs. There are a number of added features associated with cast iron gear pump that you will get after their installation. Some of the added features include, but not limited to:
* Remote mount, direct mount and dual pressure options
* Optional mounting bracket and dowelled for higher pressure
* They come with 3 piece cast iron construction and with high pressure shaft seals
* Direct acting relief C/W load check, pressure blance thrust plates and heavy duty roller bearing
* Two or three line hook-up, optional airshaft control and factory set relief pressure at 2000psi

Followings are our main products´╝Ü

* Roller bearing series P15, P20, P25, P30, P31, P37, P50, P51, P75, P76. 

* Bushing bearing series P315, P330, P350, P365. 

* Two stage regulator dump pump series.C101/G101,C102/G102.

P75/76 Cast Iron Bearing Gear Pump
P75/76 Cast Iron Bearing Gear Pump

Reference Price: $280~$320(Single unit)

Max Pressures: 3000 psi.

Max Speed: 2400 rpm.

Flow Rate: 128 gpm.

High tensile Grey Iron construction.

MH102 Dump Truck Pump With Air Shaft
MH102 Dump Truck Pump With Air Shaft

Max Pressures: 25 MPa.

Speed: 600~2400 rpm.

Displacement: 83.6~104.5 ml/r.

2 or 3-line installations.

Relief valve protects pump and cylinder.

Hydraulic gear pump C101 dump pump C101-XMS-25
Hydraulic gear pump C101 dump pump C101-XMS-25

C101 Dump pump

PN: C101-XMS-25

Unit price: $160

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