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What Can Dump Pump Manufacturer Bring You?
What Can Dump Pump Manufacturer Bring You? Views: 438 Jan 10 , 2018 Dump pump is just apt for demanding industry and mobile applications. With compact design and lesser noise, the pump is suitable for applications requiring higher self-priming speeds or apt for vehicle operating in high altitudes. Dump pump is easy to install and include standard gauge ports. The pressure-loaded... Read More
Hydraulic pump performance parameters
Hydraulic pump performance parameters Views: 1315 Dec 23 , 2017 Hydraulic pump is the hydraulic system of power components, its function is to provide hydraulic system pressure oil, from the energy conversion point of view, it will be the prime mover mechanical energy output is converted to facilitate the delivery of liquid pressure energy. The hydraulic motor belongs to the... Read More
Hydraulic Gear Pump Used For A Wide Range Of Industries
Hydraulic Gear Pump Used For A Wide Range Of Industries Views: 486 Dec 19 , 2017 We offer hydraulic gear pump in compliance with a variety of facilities to distribute, build and repair complete hydraulic systems, for both end users and fleet customers. We offer systems which our educated professionals have to provide after receiving a lot of knowledgeable, experienced service and technical support... Read More
Working principle of hydraulic pump
Working principle of hydraulic pump Views: 1142 Dec 16 , 2017 Hydraulic pump is a kind of hydraulic component that provides pressure liquid for hydraulic transmission. Its function is to convert the mechanical energy of a power machine, such as an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, into the pressure energy of a liquid. The following is the working principle... Read More
Hydraulic pump classification
Hydraulic pump classification Views: 434 Dec 09 , 2017 1. According to whether the flow can be adjusted can be divided into: variable pump and quantitative pump. Output flow can be adjusted according to the needs of the variable pump, called the quantitative pump can not be adjusted. 2. According to the hydraulic system commonly used pump... Read More
Brief introduction of hydraulic pump
Brief introduction of hydraulic pump Views: 502 Dec 02 , 2017 Hydraulic pump is a power element of hydraulic system. It is a component driven by engine or motor to suck oil from hydraulic oil tank and form pressure oil and send it to executive element. The hydraulic pump is divided into the gear pump, the plunger pump, the vane pump and the screw pump... Read More
Spraying treatment of gear pump
Spraying treatment of gear pump Views: 476 Nov 18 , 2017 A thin layer of metal is sprayed prior to spraying the coating to provide a clean and rough surface for the subsequent coating, thereby improving the bonding strength and shear strength between the coating and the substrate. Chromium nickel alloy is usually used as bonding base material. The main principle of... Read More
Causes and treatment of oil leakage of  hydraulic pump
Causes and treatment of oil leakage of hydraulic pump Views: 492 Nov 11 , 2017 High pressure hydraulic pump leakage has the following elements: 1. The outer tubing of the pump is loose, the pipe joint is harmful, the gasket is aging or cracks occur; 2. cast iron pump shell hole or bad welding; 3. internal leakage is too large, the oil seal pressure... Read More
A brief introduction of directional control valve
A brief introduction of directional control valve Views: 605 Nov 04 , 2017 Directional control valve, also known as the control valve, is the main unit of industrial process control instrument control valve, through the receiving control unit output control signal, with the help of power operation to change the liquid flow. Control valves are generally composed of... Read More
Assembly sequence of bushing pump
Assembly sequence of bushing pump Views: 718 Sep 30 , 2017 Assembly sequence of bushing pump: 1. Carefully remove sharp edges of the sharp edges of burrs, and then clean. 2. Properly installed throughout the seals, directional sealing assembly does not make a mistake on the sealing direction, difficult to assemble to guide... Read More

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