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Gear pump maintenance steps
Gear pump maintenance steps Views: 344 Jul 28 , 2017 1. Disassembly: Before dismantling should be fully prepared, familiar with the equipment structure, process, running state; disassembly should be careful to avoid damage to equipment parts. 2. Review data: the gear pump with the components of the gap, should be a comprehensive... Read More
Test scheme for gear pump
Test scheme for gear pump Views: 363 Jul 15 , 2017 The reliability test of gear pump includes two kinds of test room and field, which can be tested according to specific conditions. Full sample test --- the test is carried out until each commissioning pump reaches the service life. Incomplete sample test: 1. The time... Read More
What should be avoided when using bushing pumps?
What should be avoided when using bushing pumps? Views: 345 Jul 08 , 2017 Bushing pumps are suitable for various industries, transport medium is relatively wide. Bushing pumps have the advantages of firm structure, convenient installation, easy disassembly, easy maintenance, the use of continuous uniform flow, little abrasion, long service life and so on some... Read More
Features of dump pump motors
Features of dump pump motors Views: 291 Jul 01 , 2017   Features of dump pump motor: 1. Compact structure, small size, light weight By Aluminum Alloy manufacturing intermediates, front cover, back cover, pressure plate and other parts of alloy steel gears and Aluminum Alloy manufacturing. The front and rear cover each... Read More
The operation of bushing pump
The operation of bushing pump Views: 335 Jun 24 , 2017 Start of bushing pump: (1) check the tightness of all pipe flanges and joints before starting. (2) disc coupling, no friction and collision sound. (3) the pump should be pumped into the pump for the first time. (4) before starting, the valve in the suction and... Read More
Structure features of gear pumps
Structure features of gear pumps Views: 309 Jun 17 , 2017 The structure of the gear pump is characterized by: 1. Simple structure and cheap price; 2. Low work requirements and wide range of applications; 3. The end cover and each groove of the gear form many fixed sealed working cavities, which can only be used as quantitative... Read More
Hydraulic gear pump driving device
Hydraulic gear pump driving device Views: 326 Jun 10 , 2017 Hydraulic gear pump is driven by an independent motor, which can effectively block upstream pressure pulsation and flow fluctuation. The pressure pulsation at the gear pump outlet can be controlled within 1%. Adopting a gear pump in the extrusion line can increase the flow output speed and reduce the shearing and... Read More
Installation of hydraulic pumps and motors
Installation of hydraulic pumps and motors Views: 297 Jun 02 , 2017 The pump shaft and the motor shaft is connected with the drive coupling poor installation is one of the root causes of noise and vibration, and thus to install concentric and coaxial degree should be less than 0.1mm, the two axis inclination of not more than 1 degrees, the general should adopt... Read More
Learn about sealed gear pump device
Learn about sealed gear pump device Views: 397 May 27 , 2017 The role of sealing: to prevent the pressure inside the cylinder, the leakage of the working medium and to prevent the invasion of foreign dust, dirt and foreign bodies. There are two kinds of sealing parts for night pressure cylinders: one is the part without relative movement, the other is the part... Read More
Requirements for use of hydraulic gear pumps
Requirements for use of hydraulic gear pumps Views: 280 May 27 , 2017 Hydraulic gear pump installation, base or bracket should have sufficient stiffness, the hydraulic gear pump in the twisting force generated by the rotation of the shaft, and should not be subjected to other force; coupling between different axes is not greater than 0.05mm; hydraulic gear pump should be according to... Read More

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