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The Performances of Bushing Pump
The Performances of Bushing Pump Views: 327 Sep 23 , 2017 Bushing pump series Performances: Heavy duty, cast iron, external gear pump. Standardization, universalization, serialization design. Displacement range: 10.2ml/r - 147.5ml/r, Max rated pressure: 245bar,  Intermittent: 275bar, Speed range:... Read More
Bushing pump are used avidly in various fields
Bushing pump are used avidly in various fields Views: 338 Sep 18 , 2017 Delivering exceptional functionality and durability, the pumps are composed of two independently controlled over-center piston pumps on a single drive shaft. They are compact reservoir with a filter and associated valving with typical input speed of 3600 RPM and intermittent pressure 2600 psi. Being... Read More
Bushing pump parameter description
Bushing pump parameter description Views: 305 Sep 16 , 2017 1.Pressure Pump pressure refers to the actual work of the output (or input) oil pressure, determined by the external load. Rated pressure refers to the maximum pressure under continuous running in accordance with the test standards under normal working conditions. Its size is limited by... Read More
The characteristics of bushing pumps
The characteristics of bushing pumps Views: 320 Sep 09 , 2017 Bushing pumps are divided into P315, P330, P350 & P365 series. They’re wildly used in power steering pumps, tire trucks, salt and sand spreaders, aerial Lift, low boy trailers, live(moving) floor trailers and roll off trailers. Technical Specifications:... Read More
Low frequency vibration of gear pump
Low frequency vibration of gear pump Views: 239 Sep 02 , 2017 When the piston down in weight under the action, the hydraulic control valve to open, and no inferior back pressure, is likely to close the free falling, falling rapidly, the pump can fill the hydraulic cylinder cavity, to reduce the cylinder pressure on the chamber, and even produce a vacuum, a... Read More
Installation method of hydraulic gear pump
Installation method of hydraulic gear pump Views: 401 Aug 26 , 2017 Hydraulic gear pump installation, base or bracket should have sufficient stiffness, the hydraulic gear pump in the twisting force generated by the rotation of the shaft, and should not be subjected to other force; coupling between different axes is not greater than 0.05mm; hydraulic gear pump should be... Read More
Method for maintaining gear pump at ordinary times
Method for maintaining gear pump at ordinary times Views: 333 Aug 19 , 2017 In the use of gear pump, can not avoid gear pump wear, so there will be a lot of problems, so we have to learn the most common gear pump maintenance technology. 1. working plane maintenance: if the pump cover work surface wear is relatively small, you can do it yourself grinding... Read More
The reason for the poor rotation of the gear pump
The reason for the poor rotation of the gear pump Views: 320 Aug 12 , 2017 The reason for the poor rotation of the gear pump: ① Axial clearance or radial clearance is too small. Re-adjust the repair. ② There are dirt in the pump. Disintegrate to remove foreign matter.  ③ Assembly is wrong. The machining datum of the pin hole of the gear pump... Read More
Repair of Gear Pumps
Repair of Gear Pumps Views: 327 Aug 05 , 2017 Gear pump repair knowledge with the use of time to improve, gear pump will show a lack of oil, or even no oil and other problems, the first reason is that the relevant parts of the wear and tear is too large. Gear pump wear parts are mainly automatic shaft and bushing, passive gear center hole and shaft pin, pump... Read More
Gear pump maintenance steps
Gear pump maintenance steps Views: 330 Jul 28 , 2017 1. Disassembly: Before dismantling should be fully prepared, familiar with the equipment structure, process, running state; disassembly should be careful to avoid damage to equipment parts. 2. Review data: the gear pump with the components of the gap, should be a comprehensive... Read More

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