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Method for maintaining gear pump at ordinary times
Views: 1485 Update Date: Aug 19 , 2017

In the use of gear pump, can not avoid gear pump wear, so there will be a lot of problems, so we have to learn the most common gear pump maintenance technology.

1. working plane maintenance: if the pump cover work surface wear is relatively small, you can do it yourself grinding method to remove traces of wear, which put a little sand in the valve platform or thick glass plate, then the pump cover on ground, until the wear mark is worn away, the work surface is so far. If the pump cover work, flat wear depth of more than zero point one mm, we must take the first turning in the grinding to repair.

2. the maintenance of the bore of the driving shaft: the repair of the bore of the driving shaft bushing on the pump cover is the same as the maintenance method for the hole of the shell of the shell.

Pump shell cavity repair: pump shell cavity wear, have taken the inner cavity inlay repair method, the upcoming cavity lining large, with cast iron or steel bushing. Set, will keep out the requirements of cavity size, and the end of the line out ground, and flush with the pump shell.

3. seat maintenance: limit valve with spherical and plunger valve two. After the ball valve seat is worn, a steel ball can be placed on the seat, and then beat lightly with the metal bar until the ball valve is close to the valve seat. If the valve seat is worn badly, it is necessary to reaming, removing the grinding marks, and then using the method to make it close. Plunger type seat wear, can be put into a few valve sand grinding, grinding to close.

The above said is for some of the most basic parts of the maintenance of the gear pump in the application process, we may encounter different problems in other areas, we still have to seriously discuss these different causes the problem which.

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