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Measures to reduce vibration and noise of gear pumps
Views: 1885 Update Date: Mar 28 , 2017

The vibration and noise elimination methods of various hydraulic components are as follows:

1. For the vibration of the motor can be used to balance the motor rotor and the motor base under the security isolation pad, replacing the motor bearing rafter skin solution. Ensure concentricity of the motor hydraulic pump installation. With the external vibration isolation (such as the excavation of vibration isolation trench) or eliminate external vibration sources, and enhance the rigidity of the external load of the connector.

2. Measures of anti vibration and complete elimination of air intake in oil tank.

3. Using a variety of anti resonance measures. The spring stiffness of a valve in the vibration valve or the proper adjustment of the pressure. For the vibration of the pipeline, if pressed by hands, that is, the timbre change of pipeline vibration, the gear pump can be excluded by install pipe clamp, pipe length and thickness changing method, or in the pipeline with a damping hose.

4. The Conduit。Such as changing the oil return pipe size, bold and appropriate short; two pump outlet flow not to pump out the oil flow to two pairs to confluence angle less than 90 degrees, a stream.

5. The tank resonance can be used to exclude thickening tank roof, welding stiffener; "motor - hydraulic pump device base fill a layer of hard rubber plate, or" motor - hydraulic pump device and fuel tank using phase separation; damper when necessary.

6. Select the electro-hydraulic reversing valve with damping, and adjust the speed of the reversing valve.

7. For the hydraulic control one-way valve vibration can be taken to increase the pressure of the hydraulic control, reduce the pressure back out of the oil port and the use of leakage of liquid control one-way valve and other measures.

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