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Matters needing attention in installation of hydraulic motor
Views: 214 Update Date: Dec 27 , 2018

Hydraulic gear motor, as one of the actuators of hydraulic system, is particularly important in practical use. But what should we pay attention to during the installation process? When the transmission shaft of the hydraulic gear motor is connected with other machines, it should be concentric or flexible. Specifically, please refer to the following steps for operation:

1. The bearing capacity of hydraulic gear motor under radial force. For motors that cannot bear radial force, belt pulleys and other transmission parts shall not be directly mounted on the main shaft.

Active sprocket is driven by hydraulic motor, while passive sprocket drives belt roller. According to users, the motor often leaks oil, sealing ring replacement less than 3 months began to leak oil. What causes the oil spill? The hydraulic gear motor drives the pulley by chain drive. Because the chain drive also generates radial force, the oil seal deforms after bearing radial force, which leads to oil leakage.

2. Hydraulic gear motor chain drive

The leakage pipe of motor should be unblocked, generally not connected with back pressure. When the leakage pipe is too long or connected with back pressure because of some need, its size should not exceed the allowable value of low pressure seal.

The external leakage oil should ensure that the motor shell is full of oil and prevent the oil in the shell from flowing back to the tank when the engine is shut down.

For motors with long downtime, they can not run directly at full load, and should be idle for a period of time before normal use.

3. Installation of motor frame should have sufficient stiffness

The bracket and base of the motor must have enough stiffness to withstand the reaction of the motor when it outputs the torque.

Insufficient stiffness of the mounted motor frame will cause vibration or deformation, and even accidents, which can not guarantee the concentricity of the connection between the drive and the motor shaft to be controlled within 0.1 mm.

4. Hydraulic gear motor and gearbox are not suitable for matching use

One of the characteristics of hydraulic transmission is that the power-weight ratio is large, and in general, the hydraulic motor circuit itself can complete the usual speed-regulating and speed-changing functions.

If the hydraulic gear motor is used together with the gearbox, it will lose the characteristics of hydraulic control, and at the same time, the volume and cost of the equipment will increase significantly.

5. The outlet of the hydraulic gear motor should be returned to the oil tank separately.

Although the general concept of all return pressure is not high, but many hydraulic systems return oil still has a certain pressure, and hydraulic gear motor discharge chamber does not allow pressure.

The inner part of the oil outlet of the hydraulic gear motor is connected with the housing chamber, and the shaft seal of the motor shaft only acts as a sealing function and does not withstand pressure. If this outlet is connected with other oil return pipelines, it is easy to cause damage to motor shaft seal and oil leakage. Therefore, it is not allowed to connect the oil leakage outlet of hydraulic gear motor with other oil return pipelines.

6. Hydraulic gear motor should not enter the air

When the hydraulic system works initially, it will inevitably contain air in the pipeline of the system.

An important content of system debugging is to exhaust the air in the system, which is particularly important for hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic medium has a sudden change from high pressure to low pressure in the motor, and the frequency of this process is very high, averaging about 10 times per revolution.

When the hydraulic oil entering the motor contains air, cavitation will occur locally at the sudden change of pressure, which will damage the motor quickly.

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