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Know All About Bushing Pump
Views: 1815 Update Date: Apr 29 , 2017

Cast iron pumping sections are mostly usedfor durability. Since thestandard forpumps have gone so high in the market, thus,pressure balanced plates forgreater efficiency in necessary. The maximum size and various sections of a specific pump for a given application is limited to the torque capability of the input drive shaft and the spline coupling between the sections.

Bushing pump is very popular in various market because of its wide approached applications. This gear pump offer high performance and high endurance due to its cast iron construction. These are mostly used for applications in tire trucks, aerial lift, roll of and low boy trailers and salt and sand spreaders.

Bushing Pump

Popular Market:

•   Aerial

•  Mining

•  Oil & Gas

•  Turf Equipment

•  Agriculture Machinery

•  Forestry Equipment

•  Material Handling Equipment

•  Construction Equipment

•  Vocational & Municipal Equipment

Some Of The Popular Characteristics:

1. Cast Iron construction for durability

2. Journal bearings for long life

3. Three-piece cast iron construction for distribution flexibility

4. Balanced Thrust Plates minimize friction and leakage

Extensive Integrated Valve Capabilities:

•  Load sense flow control                         

•  Relief with anti-cavitation check

•  Priority flow control 

•  Solenoid unloaded relief valve

We specifically think of investing in advanced manufacturing technology because of the expectations our clients have from us. We constantly have to work towards more and more upgraded versions of our machines and that is the only way to compete within the market, we deliver products of uncompromising quality. The new machine, bushing pump has laser tool checking and a high accuracy strain gauge probe to ensure only the highest quality products that meet our stringent quality requirements.

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