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Installation of gear pump hydraulic cylinder
Views: 1413 Update Date: Apr 20 , 2017

When the cylinder is installed, check whether the piston rod is bent, especially the long stroke hydraulic cylinder. Piston rod bending will cause the cylinder head seal damage, resulting in leakage, crawling and action failure, and increase the piston rod wear.

The axis of the hydraulic cylinder should be parallel to the guide rail, with special attention to the condition that the piston rod is fully extended. If the two are not parallel, there will be a greater lateral force, resulting in hydraulic cylinder stiffness, poor commutation, creep and hydraulic cylinder seal failure failure. General can guide as a reference indicator, adjust the hydraulic cylinder gear pump, the piston rod (out) the side of the bus and the V guideway parallel bus and rail parallel flat, tolerance is 0.04 ~ 0.08mm/m.

The axis of the piston rod on both ends of the mounting base, the parallelism error shall not be greater than 0 05mm.

For long stroke hydraulic cylinder, the connection between the piston rod and the worktable should be kept floating to the surface of the spherical joint. Please refer to the relevant information for the installation, installation, installation and installation of the components. Second, to check the quality of the purchased hydraulic parts and internal corrosion, check whether it is qualified, when necessary to return to the repair or replacement of manufacturing units, generally do not disassemble. The installation steps are as follows.

1. Before installation, clean kerosene or diesel oil (avoid using gasoline) to clean the surface of the components of the rust inhibitor and other contaminants, at this time should not be inserted in the mouth of the plastic plug to pull out, so as not to dirty things into the valve.

2. On the design and manufacture of special valves should be in accordance with the relevant standards for performance testing, pressure test, etc.

3. Type of valve components installed, to check the oil seal is missing or off, whether the installation plane and highlight some margin compression, whether the various specifications of the same plane seal protrusion, O ring groove installation of the oil port is pulled, whether the bumps on the mounting surface. After assembly, make disposal. O ring with a little butter to prevent falling off. On the basis of the above considerations to determine the content, procedures and debugging methods.

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