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Hydraulic gear pumps and motors hot sale
Views: 150 Update Date: Oct 20 , 2018

Terre Kosen offers the following hydraulic products.

Gear Pump & Motor Products:
      1.Dump series:C101,C102,G101,G102;
      2.Bushing series:P315,P330,P350,P365;
      3.Bearing series:P20,P30,P31,P50,P51,P75,P76;
      4.Fixed displacement series:PGP620 / PGM620.

Directional Control Valve Products:

      1.DVA20-DVG20(SDV40) series

      2.DVA35-DVG35(SDV70) series.

Also we can provide the spare parts for them.

For pumps, we can offer bearings, seals, shaft & gear sets, shaft end covers, housings, port end covers, bushings, thrust plates and so on.

And for directional control valves, we can offer inlet sections, outlet sections, work sections, relief valves, spools, handles.

For more information, please have a look at our catalogs.

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