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Hydraulic Gear Pump

The basic form of hydraulic gear pump is that two gears of the same size engage and rotate each other in a closely matched shell. The inner part of the shell is similar to the "8" shape. Two gears are installed inside, and the outer diameter and sides of the gear are closely matched with the shell. Material from the extruder enters into the middle of the two gears at the suction port and fills the space. It moves along the shell with the rotation of the teeth, and finally discharges when the two teeth engage.

In terminology, gear pump is also called positive displacement device, that is, like a piston in a cylinder, when one tooth enters the fluid space of another tooth, because the liquid is incompressible, so the liquid and the tooth can not occupy the same space at the same time, so the liquid is mechanically squeezed out. Because of the continuous meshing of teeth, this phenomenon occurs continuously, thus providing a continuous exclusion quantity at the outlet of the pump. Every turn of the pump, the discharge quantity is the same. With the uninterrupted rotation of the drive shaft, the pump also discharges fluid uninterruptedly. The flow rate of the pump is directly related to the speed of the pump.

In fact, there is a small amount of fluid loss in the pump, because these fluids are used to lubricate both sides of bearings and gears, and the pump body is never able to cooperate without clearance, so the fluid can not be discharged 100% from the outlet, so a small amount of fluid loss is inevitable, which makes the operation efficiency of the pump can not reach 100%. However, the pump can still run well, and for most extruded materials, the efficiency can still reach 93%-98%.

The speed of a pump is actually limited, which mainly depends on the process fluid. If the oil is transferred, the pump can rotate at a very high speed. But when the fluid is a high viscosity polymer melt, the limit will be greatly increased. It is very important to push the high viscous fluid into the two teeth space on the side of the suction port. If the space is not filled up, the pump can not discharge the accurate flow, so the PV value is another limiting factor, and it is also a process variable. Due to these limitations, gear pump manufacturers will provide a range of products, namely, different specifications and displacement. These pumps will be combined with specific application process to optimize system capacity and price.

Depending on your requirement and type of industry, you can buy the best quality and advanced hydraulic gear pumps online at competitive prices and get a guide to their installation and use.
Hydraulic gear pump P330 Bushing pump P330A597FYAB17-25
Hydraulic gear pump P330 Bushing pump P330A597FYAB17-25

P330 Bushing pump P330A597FYAB17-25

Unit price:$155-$165

Hydraulic gear pump P330 Bushing pump P330A597FYAB20-25
Hydraulic gear pump P330 Bushing pump P330A597FYAB20-25

P330 Bushing pump P330A597FYAB20-25

Unit price:$155-$165

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