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How to prevent the air into the gear pump and cavitation
Views: 834 Update Date: Mar 13 , 2017

1. Add enough oil to keep the tank oil level not less than the oil mark line, especially with large hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system, in addition to add enough oil for the first time, when starting the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder into the oil, the oil surface will be significantly reduced, and even the gear pump oil filter out the surface of oil at this time to the tank to the oil surface.

2. Regular removal of dirt attached to the filter screen or filter element. If the oil filter capacity is not enough or too fine mesh filter should be replaced, right.

3. The inlet and outlet pipes should be separated as far as possible to prevent air from entering the noise.

4. Return oil pipe should be inserted into the oil tank below the lowest oil surface (about lOcm), the return pipe to have a certain back pressure, generally 0.3 to 0 5MPa.

5. Pay attention to the leakage of various hydraulic components, the oil spill is also the inlet.

6. Tighten the pipe joints, especially rigid interface sets, pay attention to the sealing surface.

7. Measures should be taken to improve the anti foaming performance and defoaming performance of the oil itself, and other additives such as defoaming agent should be added in order to facilitate the suspension and bubble breaking.

8. An exhaust device is provided on the hydraulic cylinder without an exhaust device or the exhaust pipe of the highest part of the device is loosened.

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