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How to decompress gear pump
Views: 1798 Update Date: May 20 , 2017

In order to reduce the force of gear pump blade root pressure, can be ordinary suction chamber adjacent blade root oil, after a fixed ratio pressure reducing valve, the pressure is reduced, then the oil pan is at the Walter absorption area of blade root waist shaped groove, thereby reducing the force of the oil absorption cavity area of the blade root by the.

In order to avoid the pressure, the valve core decompression will hinder the road blocked oil, leaves out, valve small end of a small spring, the valve core will often open. To the oil pressure oil is arranged on the fixed orifice, the purpose is not to make the oil pressure of blade root, but the root of the blade pressure than the pressure at the other end of the slightly higher kan.

Because the pressure in the oil zone is to move inside the groove, trying to discharge the oil inside, so the direction of oil flow from the inside out, rather than from the inside out, so the pressure inside is higher than the outside pressure. Thus, the compression force of the blade on the stator ring is greater than the contact between the blade and the stator to the slot, so as to avoid the separation of the blade and stator.

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