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How can we improve the service life of the gear pump?
Views: 609 Update Date: Feb 13 , 2017

Gear pump in the industrial production process plays a very important role, how to improve the life of the gear pump, gear pump in the production play the greatest role, try to reduce the gear pump failure.

First of all, from the gear pump material distinction, gear pump is divided into ordinary cast iron gear pump, stainless steel gear pump, high temperature gear pump, copper gear explosion gear pump. From the structure and performance on the high temperature gear pump, insulation gear pump, magnetic drive gear pump. For the different conditions of the transport conditions should be a reasonable choice of the gear pump parts and components, that is to convey a different medium should be based on the characteristics of the media reasonable choice of a gear pump, then how can improve the life of the gear pump? Below on the different gears on the different categories introduced one by one.

1. cast iron gear pump

Cast iron gear pump is mainly applied to lubricity, viscosity below 1500cst, the media does not contain solid particles, the temperature below 80℃situation. Like this high-quality conditions of the environment, the conventional gear pump life will be longer, generally in 3-5 years, with the growth of time, gear pump pressure will be lower and lower, the traffic will be smaller and smaller, Sealing will appear drip and other phenomena, serious people will not smoke. This situation is basically a normal wear of the gear pump. Especially in the transport of lubricating grease medium is =, some media is not necessarily very clean, and some may contain small particles, such as residue, reuse, some of the boiler burning with heavy fuel or light Fuel. If you want to increase the life of the gear pump on the basis of the conventional gear pump, you must proceed from the following points: (1) Replace the gear pump gear material, adjusted from the conventional 45 material to 40Cr material, quenched and tempered. (2) gear pump thrust plate from cast iron material into cast steel material. (3) sleeve, from the original steel back composite sets into stainless steel sleeve or silicon carbide sleeve.

2. Stainless steel gear pump

The selection of stainless steel gear pump depends on the corrosion characteristics of the transmission medium of the gear pump and the hygienic requirements. Stainless steel gear pump is the main problem is the material is not up to standard, resulting in a short life of the gear pump or simply can not be used. To improve the service life of stainless steel gear pump, first of all according to different conditions to be accurate selection, followed by each part of the quenching and tempering treatment methods to be reasonable.

3. High temperature gear pump

High temperature gear pump as the name suggests is the transmission of medium temperature higher gear pump. Change the gear pump if the temperature at 150 degrees Some can choose ordinary ductile iron, 150 degrees -250 degrees must choose between the cast steel material, more than 250 degrees must choose stainless steel, in the choice of material at the same time must ensure that the overall density of castings or forgings, It is recommended that the high temperature gear pump be selected forging. Seal generally used graphite packing, carbon fiber packing and high temperature mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal can be.

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