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Grinding process of gear pump
Views: 646 Update Date: Feb 24 , 2017

Because there is a bond between the workpiece and abrasive, abrasive between uniform pressure, large size and small size of the abrasive abrasive by the pressure is uniform, which makes the cutting depth is more uniform, the shallow scratches, improve the quality of the work surface, the abrasive size uniformity of low requirement. The abrasive is not easy to embed into the softer workpiece surface, which ensures the working performance of the workpiece. In the grinding process can be properly controlled the flow of coolant, there is no coolant to wash away the problem of abrasive, cooling effect can be achieved the best, better control of the workpiece temperature, to ensure the accuracy of processing. 

In the process of grinding abrasive wear uniform, to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece surface, the gear pump does not need to repair the abrasive, so that the process is simple, but also reduces the level of technical requirements for workers. Body processing, rough machining generally take the car or car of NC copying, this does not add details. Finishing method, the "generation" spherical grinding technology, the utility model has the advantages of high processing precision spherical method, spherical, stable quality, high production efficiency. Therefore, this method is suitable for the production of large batch and high interchangeability. For small batch production, it is a simple method of grinding the spherical surface, but the production efficiency is low, poor interchangeability.

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