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Gear pump spray coating
Views: 713 Update Date: Mar 18 , 2017

Spraying a thin layer of metal prior to spraying the coating to provide a clean, rough surface for the subsequent coating to improve the bonding strength and shear strength between the coating and the substrate.

The base material of the adhesive is usually made of nickel chromium alloy.

The main principle of selecting parameters is to improve the bonding strength between coating and substrate.

The relative velocity of the spray gun and the work piece is larger than that of the flame in the spraying process, and the velocity is determined by the thickness of the coating, the velocity of the spraying wire, the arc power and so on.

The distance between the spray gun and the work piece surface is about 150mm.

Other specification parameters of arc spraying are determined by the characteristics of the spraying equipment and spraying material.

Spray coating should remove sediment from the bottom surface of the first bonding wire brush, and then immediately spray coating work.

The material is carbon steel and low alloy wire, so that the coating has high wear resistance and low price. The margin and other factors (such as the diameter shrinkage, the clamping deviation, the uneven thickness of the spraying layer, etc.).

After spraying the work piece temperature rise is not high, generally can be directly air cooling. Machined to the required size and specified surface roughness.

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