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Gear pump maintenance steps
Views: 3491 Update Date: Jul 28 , 2017

1. Disassembly: Before dismantling should be fully prepared, familiar with the equipment structure, process, running state; disassembly should be careful to avoid damage to equipment parts.

2. Review data: the gear pump with the components of the gap, should be a comprehensive inspection.

3. Check: the removal of parts for detailed inspection, the gear for color inspection, does not allow the existence of cracks; journal of the roundness of qualified, the surface shall not have scratches, roughness Ra maximum allowable value of 1.6μm; Cover, bracket, pump body shall not have obvious defects.

4. Repair or replacement: the parts should be replaced, the need to repair the parts, after repair should meet the standards.

5. Assembly and adjustment: gear face and end cover, bracket axial clearance, by changing the end cap, bracket and the gasket between the thickness of the gasket to adjust; tighten the end cap bolts, the force symmetry evenly, While tight side of the disk moving rotor, encountered when the rotor does not move, should loose the bolt tight; add filler or oil seal, the tight cover when still tight side of the disk moving rotor, not tight too dead.

6. Test: hydraulic test for the working pressure of 1.5 times, to maintain 5min without leakage, during the test run, no leakage, running sound normal, no abnormal vibration, export pressure to meet the requirements for qualified.

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