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Gear pump bonding technology
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Adhesive technology refers to the adhesive coating on the surface of the parts, to achieve wear-resistant parts, corrosion resistance, to restore its geometric size, repair pull (draw) injury ditch and other uses of maintenance technology. Adhesive is a metal, ceramics and other polymer as the aggregate, can withstand erosion, cavitation, friction, chemical erosion and other damage, at the same time, can be firmly bonded to the surface of the parts, the formation of a strong wear resistance, Corroded composite coating. 

Adhesive technology is easy to operate, no special equipment, will not make parts deformation, safety and energy conservation, most of the wear parts can be coated with wear-resistant method of repair. Adhesive technology is the polymer and special filler composed of adhesive, repair agent coated on the surface of the parts, the gear pump with its good wetting, and the sticky surface in close contact, the interaction, resulting in enough Adhesion, to achieve the purpose of reliable connection. Compared with riveting, welding and thread connection, it has the advantages of reducing weight, stress concentration, sealing, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation performance, as well as simple process, easy operation, saving time and field operation Theā‘ stick O-ring. In the maintenance of aging or damage, such as the discovery of the O-shaped rubber seals can be replaced when no spare parts, Loctite can be used to meet the size of the requirements of the O-ring to solve the urgent need for accessories. Repair hydraulic components crack parts. After cleansing with acetone, the Loctite glue is filled with cracks in the groove to be repaired.

Application of adhesive coating to repair wear parts. Wear is one of the main causes of the failure of the mechanical parts of the hydraulic components, which can be repaired by stick coating. Such as pump shaft journal wear parts of the repair: the first pump shaft wear parts of the distance from the motor O. 75mm, deep O. 4mm spiral groove, and then use acetone cleaning, use 'G205 repair glue (plus the amount of nickel-based powder) painted groove and compaction, so that the outer diameter than the standard size slightly larger, after curing the journal according to technical requirements Processing to the standard size installed to ridge with.

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