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Find the Best Quality Cast Iron Gear Pump
Views: 145 Update Date: Dec 31 , 2020

Cast Iron Gear Pumps are known for providing great power density in a very small package. They are also known for rugged, dependable performance which works under high pressure. The pumps come with a huge variety of added features and benefits that make sure that the performance and the density of work are enhanced.

The best company that supplies cast iron gear pumps is Terre Kosen. This company is a Chinese company which has been in existence since 1998 and has been serving its good work all over the world.


Features of Cast Iron Gear Pumps

The cast iron gear pumps are available in various models from which customers can choose according to their needs. The added features of these products are:

●      There are options for direct mount, remote mount and dual pressure.

●      An optional mounting bracket is available and is developed for higher pressure.

●      These are constructed with three-piece cast iron and high-pressure shaft seals.

●      Optional airshaft control is present.

●      The factory relief pressure is at 2000psi.


The series of products that are offered

Dump Pump Series:

●      MH101 Series Dump Pump

●      G101/102 Cast Iron Dump Gear Pump

●      C101/102 Cast Iron Dump Gear Pump

●      Hydraulic gear pump C101 dump pump C101-XMS-25

●      MH102 Dump Truck Pump with Air Shaft

Bushing Pump Series:

●      P315 Cast Iron Bushing Gear Pump

●      P350 Cast Iron Bushing Gear Pump

●      P365 Cast Iron Bushing Gear Pump

●      P330 Cast Iron Bushing Gear Pump

Bearing Pump Series:

●      P75/76 Cast Iron Bearing Gear Pump

●      P50/51 Cast Iron Bearing Gear Pump

●      P31 Bearing Gear Pump 3129610434 PGP031A205BE**07-95

●      P30/31 Cast Iron Bearing Gear Pump


Why choose Terre Kosen?

Terre Kosen uses high-quality raw materials to manufacture high-grade products which have a long life and is efficient when put to use. The delivery time is very quick and they make sure that the product is delivered safely. Thisgear pump manufacturerhas a wide variety of products at a very affordable price. Their products are easy to use and require low maintenance.

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