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Features and applications of cast iron gear pump in industrial
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Cast iron gear pumps are designed specifically for mobile equipment applications that require maximum performance at a peak power level and operating temperatures. They find extensive usage in high demand applications such as multi-utility vehicles and fork-lift trucks. As they are robust and reliable, they can be used in industrial applications as well. These pumps include fan drives to ensure ambient productivity and fuel efficiency along with decreased vehicle emissions.

Features of the cast iron gear pump:

Cast iron gear pumps come with a range of features and benefits to help enhance the density and performance of work. These pumps are known for their high-quality performance under high pressure. They are available in a variety of models and users can choose the pump that best meets their needs. The inherent features and benefits of these pumps are,

●      Options to remote mount and direct mount the gear pumps with dual pressure options.

●      The pumps come with three-piece cast iron construction and high-pressure shaft seals.

●      They feature optional mounting brackets that are dwelled for high pressure.

●      Pressure balanced thrust plates and heavy-duty roller bearing.

●      Optionalair shaftcontrol and factory set relief pressure at 2000psi.

●      Features pressure-balanced thrust plates and heavy-duty roller bearing.

Best place to order cast iron gear pumps:

Terre Kosen is a professional cast iron gear pump designer and manufacturer in Zhejiang. They have been in the business of manufacturing high-quality hydraulic pumps since 1998 and have attained high reputation in the manufacturing and supply of hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors, and relevant components for international markets. Their manufacturing plant is located in the city of Taizhou and is spread over an area of 20,000 sqm. People choose cast iron gear pumps manufactured at Terre Kosen for their quick response and delivery time, reliability, customer support, and expertise in hydraulic pump production.

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