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Common cleaning agent for gear pump
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There are two kinds of metal cleaning agents: water-based cleaning agent and organic solvent.

Water based cleaning agent is mainly composed of phosphate, silicate, surfactant and water. Organic solvent cleaning agent for gasoline, kerosene and diesel energy and three ethyl chloride, trichloroethylene, fluorocarbon and azeotropic mixture of 113 non energy. At present, the United States, Japan and Germany and other countries with water-based cleaning agent is very extensive, accounting for about 60%-70%, and the organic solvent cleaning agent for non energy due to abundant sources of raw materials, non flammable, gear pump is easily recycled, no dehydration and rust problem, many countries were recognized as the best cleaning solvent, but toxic that has a bad effect on people's nerves and skin.

Hydraulic parts maintenance when cleaning parts and other parts refers to the hydraulic components of the various parts, pipes, tanks and seals and other parts, there are usually a lot of oil, rust and other surface oxide layer to keep the dirt into the assembly before the cleaning agent, different soaking and cleaning. The specific methods are as follows.

1. The various parts immersed in sodium hydroxide or sodium sulfate fat and strong in a period of time (up to 48h), oil and dirt loose, then use the various cleaning tools carefully cleaning, after cleaning, rinse with warm water once.

2. The various parts in the acid cleaning agent (ratio of 20%-30% hydrochloride) for 30-40min, then all the cleaning tools carefully cleaned with warm water and finally washed once.

3. The parts in the alkaline cleaning agent (the ratio was 10% in 15min (sodium hydroxide) immersion cleaning agent, temperature of 30-40) and then wash cleaning tools, then rinse with warm water once.

4. The parts dry, coated with anti rust agent or immediately into the assembly. Plastic film cover is not used in the short term.

5. General factory can be cleaned kerosene scrub, but the ban on gasoline.

6. Hose is the most difficult to clean the components, can be used for high-speed liquid jet wash.7.The tube also use the same method to solve the water-based cleaning cleaning rust, rust proof oil (such as SM-I, anti rust oil) after immersed in the cleaning of parts water displacement type antirust oil, parts of the water immediately by extrusion, while the workpiece to form a layer of rust preventing oil film on the surface of metal without rust.

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