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Cleaning of gear pump for hydraulic components
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The hydraulic components in the factory has been cleaned and sealed with plastic plugs to seal the mouth, as long as the storage time of not more than two years, you can not clean the internal components. Can refer to the external component parts cleaning method for cleaning. However, it should be noted that all the oil mouth plug, pipe seal, plastic cap can not be removed at this time.

Spare parts and hydraulic components into the system after the end of the cleaning, cleaning of the hydraulic system, or loop cleaning. The purpose of cleaning to remove loop installation into the system and not the net cleaning dirt parts of pollutants. Before the assembly and commissioning of the plant, the user needs to do the cleaning before and after the commissioning of the equipment.

The general cleaning method of gear pump hydraulic system is a new subject which involves chemistry, physics, electricity, environmental protection, mechanics and testing technology. At present, the use of gravity cleaning, working fluid circulation cleaning and no-load operation cleaning methods (rough wash, hand wash).

1. Gravity cleaning method. Is the location of the completion of the assembly of the hydraulic system of the best location of a certain amount of fluid into the cleaning oil, filled with the lowest point in the system at the point of rapid discharge, such a cycle several times.

2. Working fluid circulation cleaning method. The cleaning of the vehicle is communicated with the oil outlet of the cleaning system, the cleaning time should be continued until the pressure difference between the front and the rear of the oil filter is no longer increased. This cleaning oil can also be made available.

3. No load operation cleaning method. Refers to the use of the hydraulic system itself cleaning, this method needs to remove some of the hydraulic system pipeline, the blind pipe should be cleaned separately. For sensitive elements (such as valve) should be disconnected from the cleaning circuit.

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