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Bushing pump parameter description
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Pump pressure refers to the actual work of the output (or input) oil pressure, determined by the external load.

Rated pressure refers to the maximum pressure under continuous running in accordance with the test standards under normal working conditions. Its size is limited by life, and if the work exceeds the rated pressure, the service life of the pump will be shorter than the design life. When the work pressure is greater than the rated pressure, it is called overload.

2. RPM

Operating speed refers to the actual rotation speed of the pump at work.

Rated speed is the maximum speed that can operate normally for a long time under rated pressure. If the pump exceeds the rated speed, the work will cause insufficient oil absorption, vibration and noise, the parts will suffer cavitation damage, life expectancy.

3. Displacement and flow

Displacement refers to the pump every turn a week, by the size of the sealing chamber geometry variable discharge (or enter) the volume of liquid, commonly used unit is ml/r.

Actual flow refers to the flow at which the pump works (or at the inlet). As the pump itself leaks, the actual flow is less than the theoretical flow.

4. Efficiency

Volume efficiency, for hydraulic pumps, is the ratio of actual flow to theoretical flow.

Mechanical efficiency, for hydraulic pumps, refers to the ratio of theoretical torque to actual input torque.

Total efficiency is the ratio of the pump output power to the input power. The total efficiency is equal to the product of volumetric efficiency and mechanical efficiency.

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