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Bushing pump are used avidly in various fields
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P315 Parker Bushing Pump

Delivering exceptional functionality and durability, the pumps are composed of two independently controlled over-center piston pumps on a single drive shaft. They are compact reservoir with a filter and associated valving with typical input speed of 3600 RPM and intermittent pressure 2600 psi. Being one of the well recognized member of the market, we extensively supply quality hydraulic pumps in the market.

Bushing pump is just apt for demanding industrial and mobile applications. It is the complete package to deal with the dual path hydrostatic propulsion system, it can be run into run lines to the hydraulic drive motors. This bushing pump includes of gear pumps, piston and vane pumps, flow dividers hydro-static transmission pumps and intensifiers.

With compact design and lesser noise,  bushing pump is suitable for applications requiring higher self-priming speeds or apt for vehicle operating in high altitudes. The pump is easy to install and include standard gauge ports. The pressure-loaded gear of the pump consists of two intermeshing and precision-ground gear assemblies. These gears are enclosed by die-cast aluminum front cover, back cover and a high-yield, strength aluminum center section.

Used avidly in various fields starting from Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Turf Equipment and Mining, these are used in Oil & Gas markets as well. You can ensure the product’s quality material by checking the certifications and valve capabilities. Bushing pump offers load sense flow control, high performance and high endurance due to its cast iron construction.

The pump designs we offer have an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration to optimize performance. Even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions, it is enabled with three-piece cast iron construction. We always ensure our products will always commit quality as we deliver them only after checking its quality as per the market standards.

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