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Brush plating gear pump technology
Views: 1467 Update Date: Mar 20 , 2017

Brush plating is a common method for repairing hydraulic parts. The plating speed is fast, the bonding strength is high, is simple and flexible, the brush plating can obtain the small area, Thin thickness (0.001 ~ 1.0mm) fast coating. It can be used for the repair of hydraulic parts.

1. Repair sliding friction surface. As with oil, gear pump gear end face.

2. Repair valve parts of the spool and the valve hole.

3. Repair all kinds of oil seal cover.

4. Repair pump shaft, rectangular spline shaft.

5. Repair pump, hydraulic motor bearing seat or bearing with the surface, etc..

6. Repair other wear and fit with the gap between the hydraulic parts.

The brush plating is essentially the process of discharge and crystallization of the metal ions in the solution on the negative electrode. The work piece is connected with the negative electrode of the power supply, the plating pen is connected with the positive pole of the power supply, and the plating layer is dipped on the surface of the work piece to be plated on the surface of the work piece. However, the plating pen and brush plating work piece in relative motion, so it is not only in the whole plating surface plating pen and work piece contact place instantaneous discharge crystallization, thus allowing the use of current density than the bath several times greater than ten times (up to 500A/drr12), and vapor deposition speed than bath 5 ~ 50 times.

The use of brush plating method to repair hydraulic parts need to buy special power supply equipment (such as ZKD-I) and plating pen (such as ZDBI ~ ZDB4). According to different shapes, with a cylindrical anode (SMI), rod (SM II), a (SM III), crescent (SM IV), band (SMV), flat (SM VI) and linear strip (PI) etc., graphite and platinum iridium alloy is insoluble anode materials ideal. Brush plating solution:

1 pretreatment solution to improve the bonding strength between coating and substrate;

2 plating solution;

3 remove the plating solution and passivation solution, remove the unqualified coating, improve the quality of the coating.


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