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Brief Introduction of Rotary Pump
Views: 208 Update Date: Mar 14 , 2019

Rotary pump is a kind of volumetric pump. Because its main working part, the rotor, is rotating, it is customarily called a rotary pump or a rotor pump. Rotary pumps are mostly used to transport oil liquids and hydraulic transmission systems, so some are also known as oil pumps and hydraulic pumps.

There are many kinds of rotary pumps, which can be divided into gear pump, screw pump, slider pump, cam pump, Roots pump, eccentric rotor pump, three-rotor pump, cycloid rotor pump, radial piston pump and axial piston pump according to the different types of rotors.

Most of them have the following characteristics:

1. Their main working parts are pump shell and rotor (such as gears and screw). The shape of the rotor is uneven. When they rotate, they form many small vacancies with the inner wall of the pump shell and suck in the liquid. Finally, they are squeezed into the discharge pipe and output.

2. The rotor rotates in a rotating motion without impact, and the rotational speed can be higher. Therefore, its structure is compact and its volume is smaller than that of reciprocating pumps.

3. The discharge pressure is smaller than the reciprocating pump, and the flow rate and efficiency are lower. It is only suitable for transporting small amount of liquid.

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