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Applications Of Bushing Pump
Views: 1808 Update Date: Apr 10 , 2017

The latest pump building program focuses on cast iron gear pumps and motors. Provides engineered solutions with flexible manufacturing system, we are availing a wide range of special options for the bushing pumps. We offer standard drive shafts, mounting flanges and port options, and extensive valve options as well.

With a range of integral valves for power steering,power brakes, fan drives and implement hydraulics, these are available worldwide in industrial markets for many years. Bushing pump units are designed for high efficiency and high pressure applications with low noise levels and maximum flexibility. Many bushing pumps and motors have been developed and tested for the specific needs of these industries.

Industries We Offer Our Products To:

•  Construction

•  Forestry

•  Truck/Bus

•  Agriculture

•  Industrial

•  Turf care

•  Material handling


1. Pressure balanced thrust plate designfor high efficiency

2. They are used for maximum pump and system life

3. For applications with side load conditions, such as belt driven pumps

4. Interlocking body design

5. It helps in reducing thesystemnoise levels compared to earlier models

With cross-frame pumps, bushing pump we avail have common inlets for multiple section pumps. You can get continuous operating pressuresup to 275 bar (4000 psi). It also features high power through-drive capability.A wide variety of standard options are available in our website to meet the particular application requirements worldwide.

We are renowned in the business for providing years of quality product with excellent sales and service support. We ensure the ability to engineer specialty products for unique applications with a great team behind us. We also keep the technology at the forefront and ensure our position as the industry leader.

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