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A brief introduction of directional control valve
Views: 1915 Update Date: Nov 04 , 2017

Directional control valve, also known as the control valve, is the main unit of industrial process control instrument control valve, through the receiving control unit output control signal, with the help of power operation to change the liquid flow. Control valves are generally composed of actuators and valves. If you press it with the enforcement agencies use the power, control valve can be divided into pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and three, that is the source of compressed air powered pneumatic control valve, electric control valve with electric power source, the power source of the hydraulic control valve to the liquid medium pressure. In addition, according to its function and characteristics, there are electromagnetic valve, electronic, intelligent, fieldbus control valve and so on.

Our factory's directional control valve is a high precision way to control the flow of multi-function valve. For water distribution pipeline to control the flow and pressure, to maintain the same scheduled traffic, too much traffic will be limited to a predetermined value, and appropriate to reduce the upstream pressure, even if the main valve upstream pressure changes, it will not affect the flow downstream of the main valve. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. To change the conventional throttle orifice plate using pure machinery of the principle of reducing the basin area, using the relevant pilot valve, to minimize the loss of energy in the throttling process;

2. The control sensitivity is high, safe and reliable, simple debugging, long service life.

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