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Features of dump pump motors
Views: 165 Update Date: Jul 01 , 2017

Parker dump pump 

Features of dump pump motor:

1. Compact structure, small size, light weight

By Aluminum Alloy manufacturing intermediates, front cover, back cover, pressure plate and other parts of alloy steel gears and Aluminum Alloy manufacturing. The front and rear cover each press two DU bearings, DU bearing material is an ideal material of the dump pump, can greatly improve the service life of the dump pump.

2. Reliable work

The pressure plate is a main component of radial and axial pressure compensation, can decrease the bearing load and automatically adjust the dump pump axial clearance, thus effectively improving the dump pump performance and reliability; GM5, GPC4 series gear motor can provide single rotation direction without front bearing, double spiral direction without front bearing and single screw to take the front bearing, double rotating belt bearing structure of four types, including gear motor with front bearing can bear radial force and axial force.

3. High speed, high pressure

High speed, 3000~4000 RPM / min, theoretical torque is 17N.m (Newton meter) to 64N.m, up to 20-25MPa.

4. The connection method is suitable for import machinery and construction machinery

In accordance with the national standard GB SAE and installation of flange, shaft, an oil inlet and an oil outlet connecting line. Widely used in automobiles, tractors, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other mechanical hydraulic systems.

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